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Me and a friend just launched a new blog, called Theiocentric. This blog will include more gaming, and is going to be focused on Minecraft more than survival and book reviews. Of course, I will keep writing this blog, but visit the new one if you are interested in Minecraft, hunting, Star Wars, Science/Math, and a bit of actual blogging.


The Differences of Christians and Atheists

I am going to be discussing some of the (many) differences between Christians and Atheists; their differing views on some popular issues. Myself, I am a Christian, but I will try to create an unbiased review on some honest differences.

Christians and Atheists have very different views on many important topics. This essay takes three of those topics, life after death, morality, and the meaning of life, and takes them apart to better understand some of those vast differences.

Christians believe that God created the world, and that He gave us a conscience and a set of morals that they must follow. Morals regulate what behavior is good, and what is, essentially, bad. Christians believe that morals never change and that the same good and bad that was true a thousand years ago is true now.

Atheists, on the other hand, believe that that their belief does not correspond with their morals. They believe that moral behavior differs in different people, cultures, and times. Morals have no set rules. What was wrong a thousand years ago is not necessarily wrong today. Morals are what you make them.

Christians believe that God created the world for his glory; He created us for Himself. Our meaning in life is to serve him. So we should follow His requirements so that we can enjoy Him and praise Him forever in Heaven. This prospect of eternal life is what drove the Christians to die for their faith during the Inquisition, to be tortured, to be burned, and fed to lions during the reign of the Roman Empire. Christians live and die to glorify their creator.

Most Atheists believe that there is no meaning in life. Our purpose in this world is to give this world a purpose. The “meaning of life” is a fabricated myth told by religious people. Atheists are motivated not by the prospect of spiritual gifts in the afterlife, but by things in this life. While Christians live to be rewarded in Heaven, Atheists live to be rewarded on Earth, in worldly things.

Christians believe that when you die, you are immediately judged and sent to either Heaven or Hell. According to the Bible, your sins in this world will immediately clear you for Hell. Heaven is impossible for any normal human being because you must be pure and blameless to enter Heaven. But according to the Bible, God sent his Son to reconcile all who believed in Him.  He did that by coming as a sacrifice to undo all sin. So any person can go to Heaven, no matter what they had done in their old life, by accepting the gift that God has given.

To an atheist, there is no afterlife. What matters is now, to survive and make as big of a change in the world as you can. What motivates Atheists to do good is the fact that the world will outlive you. Since you only have so much time, you need to do as much good as you can in this world. Atheists are focused on surviving now, while they are alive.

There are many differences between Christians and Atheists, and if you are either, it will help you to know what those differences are in order to be enlightened about the belief of your neighbors and people around you.


-David Johnson


Vacation to the Sunshine State

Hey guys! I just got back from a three-week vacation to Central Florida. I used to live there (now I live in Nebraska) so we got to see a lot of old friends. The three-day drive was, well, long. After crashing in bed at 11 o-clock, we went to our old church the next day and saw many old friends. For the next half a week we were at New Smyrna Beach, just south of Daytona Beach. It was very peaceful and relaxing, and hot. One day I got sunburnt just enough to make my face feel like someone poured lava on it. The next day I decided, that, heck, why not, I would just lather my face in so much sunscreen that it would take about three years to sunburn it. Well, it would have taken three years, except that the sun was hot, and my sunscreen all melted into my eyes. So for the next couple of hours I staggered around, peering at the harsh world through watery, burning, painful eyes. I laugh at the story now, but I honestly thought I was going to lose my eyes. 🙂 As you can probably tell, I love the occasional, very dramatic, exaggerated beyond proportion, awesome saga. Or just a story. Anyway, we saw a lot of long-lost friends, so to speak. On the way home, we stopped in Iowa to see some other friends. (It’s a small world) On that note, I will take my leave. Oh also, the “Featured Content” is not going to be focused on book reviews. Now I think it had better be focused on Survival theme stuff at least til bow season. By the way, here is one of the best pictures I took while on vacation:



Series review: The Wingfeather Saga

These books by Andrew Peterson are just splendid. I love them. It is a series of four books, a fantasy about three siblings (Janner, Leeli, and Tink Igiby) living in Arweaer, opressed by the Fangs and a vague ruler of Fangs across the ocean named Gnag the Nameless. Andrew Peterson has a very expressive, enjoyable, and joyful way of writing, and he can tell stories just as well as he can write songs. I want to urge you strongly to read this book. It is enjoyable for all ages and can be read as a bedtime story or on your commute to work.

Series review: Brotherband Chronicles

I started re-reading a really good series by John Flanagan this week, and I thought it might be a good one to blog about. The Brotherband Chronicles is actually the follow-up to an also-good-though-I-never-blogged-about-it series, The Ranger’s Apprentice. The Brotherband Chronicles is set in “Skandia”. This is Flanagan’s version of Norway, I think. Except that here, all men are “sea wolves,” or raiders, and the whole society is one huge, violent, big, happy family. Hal is half Araluen (A country across the Stormwhite sea from Skandia) and all of his life, he struggled to be accepted.



Then he and his brotherband (a team of 8-12 boys, training for three months when they turn 16 to become a man) won the “brotherband trials”, which are a series of tests that the three brotherbands of the year had to endure. Then he lost the Andomal, Skandia’s greatest treasure. The rest of the series is him looking for it.



Okay, its okay to keep reading now. The series is well written, gripping, and enjoyable, written from an omniscient third person POV. It is realistic, sort of. Flanagan based the layout of countries off of Europe, meaning that Skandia > Norway, Araleun > Britain, Gallica > Denmark, or something along those lines. Tuetland would be in Sweden.

I want to encourage you to read these books. Again, they are enjoyable, well written, and will keep you glued to your book.

Also, I wanted to tell you readers that in the month of June, I will be doing book and series reviews. In July, I will have very few posts, as we will be on vacation, but August will have a survival theme.




Book review: Magnus Chase

I read a book by Rick Riordan recently, called Magnus Chase and the gods of Asgard. It was very interesting. For example: (spoiler alert!) Magnus, the main character, is killed in the first sixty pages. The rest of the book is about him and his new friends (including a Valkrie named Samirah al Abbas) in Valhalla, the Viking equivalent of heaven. Also, Magnus Chase is interconnected with the previous Percy Jackson and Heroes of Olympus books.  Magnus Chase and a recent book The Trials of Apollo  are staged at the same point in time. For example, Annabeth Chase is Magnus’ cousin, and she goes looking for him early in the book. In Trials of Apollo, early in the book it says that “Percy is in New York studying, and Annabeth is in Boston for a family emergency.” It will be fascinating to watch how Rick Riordan intertwines these two series, because, well, Norse and Graeco/Roman cultures are pretty hard to integrate, when you are writing as if their poly-theistic worldviews are real along with their gods. I mean, maybe Odin is Zeus or something. Anyway, I will catch up to you later!

Captain America: Civil War review

I recently watched Marvel’s new movie Captain America: Civil War and I loved it. I will not reveal many details, in case of people not having watched it yet. It has slightly more bad language than most of Marvel’s previous Avengers and Captain America movies, but the action and violence is about average. There are a few scenes that are not for the light-hearted, though.

Overall, the movie leaves you feeling satisfied, but anxious for the next one. (At least that was my experience) Yes, there will probably be a next one, or else the plot will continue in the many other new movie lines Marvel is going to start.

Spoiler alert…

I really was surprised when Marvel added the new rabbit trail of more Winter soldiers, but I was satisfied the way it did end. It looks like Captain America lost his shield, Rhody (War Machine) got leg braces (and pretty darn cool ones too), and Bucky got frozen… again. Iron man, though he lost his suit, can always make a new one. (He blew up all his suits in Iron Man 3, anyway) I really liked Spider man. Seeing his face for the first time in the movie, I started to think that he would turn out like the original SpiderMan movies, (which I like less) but he turned out to be more witty, talkative, and just generally cool.

Alright, that finishes my first movie post. I took a hint from some other bloggers and tried to make it more personal, so tell me what you think! I love feedback, so if you like it, consider following me for more, or if not, just leave some hate mail in the comments section. Goodbye for now!


Minecraft Fort Instructions

Intermediate Building Level; Some Minecraft building skills needed.


Minecraft Rule Number… well, I don’t know what number rule it is, but you always need shelter. What better way to have shelter than to have a fort to protect you? Here I will show you just how to make one.



First, build a 10×1 line out of your preffered material. Then, on each end of the line, place 3 blocks perpendicular to the line. Finish the tower bases.



Repeat step 1 until you have a sort of box with circles in the corners.



Raise a tower 10 blocks.



Repeat step 3; until all four tower bases are raised 10 blocks.



Sorry for the un-hidden GUI in this picture, but raise the walls til they are 5 blocks.



Start (and finish) filling in the floor with your desired material.



In the corners of the towers, add 4-block tall pillars of wood as shown.



Build an entrance. It doesn’t really matter how big, small, marvelous, or utilitarian it is. Just build it to suit your purposes.



Again, I forgot to hide the controls in this picture. On top of the wooden posts, build a ring as shown.




Build your roof as shown.


This is for the last ring.

Screenshot_2016-03-31-17-16-44.pngEach of your towers should look like this one in the end.



Build a floor in each. It would also probably help to place torches and a ladder in each on, like this:




Build a small house or defense mechanism in the middle of your floor.


Your fortress is done! Try experimenting with the design, making your own and editing this one. For example, take a look at this larger castle that I recently built.



Anything is possible with Minecraft. Well, almost.

Upcoming MARVEL and DC films

Every Marvel & DC movie up till 2020... I know what I'm doing for the next five years of my life.:

Audiences should be hyped about the movies by Marvel Studios and DC Universe coming out in the coming years. Though Batman vs. Superman, which came out last Thursday, turned out to be a bit of a flunk, it will prove to be a starting point for the emerging Justice League. Personally, I cannot wait for the Captain America: Civil War movie to come out this May. More on Marvel; Thor: Ragnarök should prove to be pretty awesome. “Ragnarök” is the War in Norwegian Mythology that was supposed to happen at the end of the world.